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As an International Nautical Training partner school you will benefit from access to the best yacht training program in the world, with courses designed to meet the training needs from entry level to professional yacht captain.

The Global Network of Partner Schools

One of the key strengths of INT International Nautical Training is our network of partner schools. We work with schools around the world to provide our courses to aspiring seafarers in a wide range of locations. Our partner schools are carefully selected for their quality and expertise, ensuring that our students receive the best possible education and training.

Working with partner schools also allows us to provide our courses in a wide range of languages and cultural contexts. We understand that seafaring is a global industry, and we are committed to providing our courses to seafarers from all backgrounds and nationalities.

As the global demand for qualified seafarers increases, the International Nautical Training (INT) has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive training and certification programs to aspiring mariners. To further expand its reach and impact, the INT has been partnering with nautical schools across the world to deliver high-quality education and training to future seafarers. 

Benefits of becoming a partner nautical school with INT

By partnering with INT, nautical schools can access a wide range of benefits that include, access to internationally recognized courses and certifications.

INT offers a comprehensive range of courses and certifications that are recognized by leading maritime organizations and regulatory bodies worldwide. By partnering with INT, nautical schools can offer their students access to these courses and certifications, which can enhance their career prospects and increase their employability.

Quality assurance and accreditation

INT's courses and certifications are subjected to rigorous quality assurance and accreditation processes, ensuring that they meet international standards of excellence. By partnering with INT, nautical schools can benefit from this quality assurance and accreditation, which can enhance their reputation and credibility in the maritime education and training industry.

Marketing and promotional support

INT provides marketing and promotional support to its partner nautical schools, which can help them to attract more students and grow their business. This support includes access to INT's marketing materials as well as assistance with event planning and execution.

Requirements for becoming an INT partner nautical school

To become an INT partner nautical school, the school must meet the following requirements:

Experienced and qualified faculty

The nautical school must have a team of experienced and qualified faculty members who can deliver INT's courses and certifications to a high standard.

Adequate facilities and equipment

The nautical school must have adequate facilities and equipment to deliver INT's courses and certifications, including classrooms, simulators, and training vessels where applicable.

Commitment to quality

The nautical school must demonstrate a commitment to quality, including a willingness to undergo regular quality assurance and accreditation processes.

Schools must:

 -Fulfill their responsibilities regarding the maintenance of student records and student paperwork.     

 -Pay annual membership dues and not be in arrears with other monies owed.

 -Not engage in any activity that is deemed by INT to be detrimental to INT or other partner schools.

How to apply for partnership with INT

To apply for partnership with INT, nautical schools must complete an application form that can be obtained from INT's website. The application form will require the school to provide information on its accreditation, faculty, facilities, equipment, and quality assurance processes. Once the application has been submitted, INT will review it and contact the school to discuss the next steps. 

If approved, membership is valid for 12 months and will be automatically renewed providing the school remains in good standing.

INT partner nautical schools' success stories

INT has partnered with nautical schools across the world, and many of these schools have reported significant success in delivering INT's courses and certifications to their students. One such success story is that of Zela Nautical School in the Philippines, which partnered with INT in 2018. Since then, Zela Nautical School has seen a 30% increase in student enrolment, and its graduates have reported higher levels of employability and career satisfaction.

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